Bertelsmann strives to create a faster-growing, more digital, more international and more diversified Group portfolio. Besides investing in existing activities, this involves developing new lines of business and regional markets that ensure a broader overall revenue structure.

Higher Growth

A sustained improvement of the growth profile is the overarching goal of all strategic measures at Bertelsmann. The company achieves this by taking two main approaches – expanding and further developing its growth business and downscaling structurally declining businesses.

More Digital

Digitization changes the markets of a media, services and education company more than any other megatrend. To seize the opportunities associated with this change, Bertelsmann is continuously transforming its core businesses into the digital world and investing in digital business models, while also developing new lines of business, customers and sales channels that will profit from the transformation to digital.

More International

Bertelsmann is increasingly expanding its businesses into regions that have higher longterm growth prospects than the core European markets, significant market potential in the businesses that are relevant for Bertelsmann and a favorable regulatory and competitive environment. The main focus here is on Brazil, China, India and the United States.

More Diversified

As a company owned by a foundation and a family, Bertelsmann strives for a broadbased revenue structure. For this reason, the Group broadens the business operations of its existing activities – where it makes strategic sense – and develops new lines of business, such as the Education division. One result of Bertelsmann’s increased diversification is the Group structure with eight business divisions that has been in effect since January 1, 2016.